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What is an erotic story?

Jan 23, 2018

An Erotic Story a story that can make people horny/ a story about past sex etc..

When A Cyprus Escort writes an Erotic Story thats what it should be about my/her sexual experiences.  I have had many experiences most of them enjoyable it helps if you like your job and mainly love the opposite sex,  Man or woman.

I have a client I have been seeing for quite some time  being a Cyprus  Escort or any Escort  you should try not to get involved romantically with your clients, Rolando was different, he is back in Cyprus for a short time and has paid for my company  for a few hours.  I am showered, make up on, dressed, or rather undressed, ready and waiting.  Stockings, black lacy underwear, a belt around my waist and a collar around my throat.  Sky high black boots giving a jiggle to my walk, my arse bouncing in anticipation with each step.
Candles are lit around the flat champagne chilling in the fridge  (he pays of course a Cyprus escort does not pay for her Champagne) my boudoir prepared clean sheets, warm room, patchouli and ylang ylang filling the air with their sensual scent.  All that is left is for my client to arrive and the anticipation of him and the hours ahead of us make my heart pound and my pussy gush. 
I find it fascinating that after seeing this man he still manages to excite me to this degree.  I want him, like I have wanted no other. Talking on the phone he tells me what he is going to do to me when he arrives, the tension grows, along with the pulse now beating insistently between my legs.
My knickers are already soaking, my drool dripping in anticipation. I pace up and down, wishing I could open the champagne a glass would take the edge off.  When he finally arrives I lose myself in his embrace a kiss reconnecting us emotionally as well as physically.  As I taste him, smell him, I am lost once more in the ferociousness of our love making/fucking
Passion fires and I long for his fingers to stroke my pussy,  he wants his cock in my mouth, I want his tongue lapping at my nipples.  But, we have learnt to be patient, to tame the eagerness, to slow down, to let the arousal keep building all things come to those who wait.  I am encouraged to explore his fantasies, to be vulnerable, playful, defiant.  Nothing is off limits and nothing is taboo.  We know well what stimulates our brains and bodies, and yet always find another kink to add a new dimension.
Laid back on my kitchen table, heels draped over his back, him sitting in front of me eating my wet, throbbing pussy my definition of fine dining.   Then it's my turn, squatting down in front of him, my horny pussy exposed and dripping onto the floor in front of him I want him to see how turned on he has got me licking my lips and tasting the tip of him before sucking him deep into my mouth.  
My bedroom is waiting,  my pussy is waiting for more attention from his tongue, he is now desperate to be inside me.  This is where the passion grows, both now naked and comfortable, a constant flow of sexual energy between us.  He is shaking, feverish with desire, my rosy cheeks a signal of my impending orgasm. 
This is when it all consumes me, when fucking becomes so passionate when my orgasm just sends me over the top shaking I want more and so does he. 
Is sex always this profound?  Sometimes he bends me over, pulls my knickers down and pushes his hard cock into my, slightly surprised, but soon soaking wet pussy and you know what I adore those quick fucks too!

Now lets drink the Champagne we are thirsty after all that Licking and sucking. 

Hurry back Rolando Your Cyprus Escort awaits. X

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