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Taxi Ride to Heaven

Jan 31, 2018

Great its Saturday night and I have a dinner date for six hours I love dinner dates I can look gorgeous and I get to eat fabulous food and drink wine sometimes Champagne (my favourite)

I am meeting my client in a really nice hotel in Limassol they have the best hotels. I love being a Cyprus Escort, I am always excited before I meet a client new or a regular. I think my black Silky underwear super high stilettos black sheer nylon stockings and a black Figure hugging dress which looks great with my light blonde hair and never forget the lipstick, all ready off I go.

TAXI awaits (paid for by my client). We meet in the bar for 7.30 he will be wearing a small white carnation, I look around there he is mmmmm nice handsome about 55 let the evening begin.

After a lovely meal and conversation He calls a TAXI, we pull up in front of my apartment, he pays for the TAXI. When we get inside he pushes me up against the door. He lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his hips. I feel his hands running up my sides pulling my dress up as he goes. He unzips my dress, pulls it over my head as he slips it off. His lips travel down my neck, licking as he goes, his lips reach my right nipple through my black lace bra. He sucks it into his mouth, he reaches around me undoing my bra pulling it off.

I grab the bottom of his shirt, pulling it up over his perfect body and over his head. I bend my head down and lick his nipple then I lick the other nipple and he moans He is still holding me up against the door. I could look at his top half of his body all night. I am hoping the lower half is as good. I unwrap my legs from around his body, grab his belt , pulling him to my room. I climb on my bed on my knees at the foot undoing his belt, pushing my hands down the back of his pants, grabbing his cheeks. What fine cheeks they are too. I pull his pants down, he kicks them the rest of the way off. All I can think is this is one sexy man.

He smiles at me, putting his hands on my shoulders and pushes me on to the bed. He climbs up over me he runs his hands down my sides to my g string, pulling it off along with my heels. He runs his hands up my legs. He stops just before he touches my pussy. He smiles up at me, then bends down licking my most precious spot making me moan sucking and licking my pussy over and over until I climax.

I sit up pulling his boxers down his body. He is so hard, He is big, long, and thick. He is bigger than I have ever seen. I am a little nervous but I smile taking him in my mouth. He is so long that I have to use my hand at the base of him. He moans out loud, letting me know he likes what I am doing. I pull him out licking from the base to the tip of his Penis. I run my tongue around the tip of it licking the pre cum off the tip. Pushing me back down on the bed, he climbs on top of me kisses me as he pushes into me slowly slowly he works himself into me right to the hilt, I am enjoying every minute. Cyprus Escorts like to enjoy themselves too. 

I really did not think he was going to fit but he did. He stays still letting me get used to him. I start moving so he pulls out and pushes back in, I moan so he continues getting a little faster. I scream "Oh Oh Oh harder and harder." I feel him pull almost all the way out and slams into me over and over. I cum so hard and fast it causes him to climax too. I can feel he is ready again. We spend the rest of the evening chatting and then sex once more. 

After he left I lay naked on my bed going over the events of the evening, what a good night it was I enjoyed every minute I love being a Cyprus Escort. it was one TAXI ride to heaven hope there is many more to come. 


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