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Outcall for escorts escort lesson

Jan 12, 2018

Hello beautiful! I invite you along the journey with me here in this website, because we have to learn a lot together. If you want to be a professional escort, I recommend you to come back from time to time and read my new lessons. Today we will learn about the out call, but before let’s talk about the history.

Just a little history before the “outcall lesson”

I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie called “Geisha”, if not, then it is the movie that I highly recommend you to watch. Geishas were very popular during the eighteenth and nineteenth century, they still exist today, however their number is declining steadily. I don’t want to deviate too much again from our topic, the outcall, although this movie can give you a deeper understanding about our job. Traditionally, geishas began their training at a very early age, some girls were sold to geisha houses (“okiya”) as children, and almost immediately began studying various traditional arts. Of course do not compare to what we do but some parts are close, and I also want to help you with my lessons to learn step by step as soon as you enter the “industry”.

Outcall – go to a bar or restaurant

So as I said today, we are going to learn what we need to know if you go to a meeting. Many of you are used to have a fix place, a house or a hotel room, but there are occasions when you have an outcall. So we will talk about it today, how should you prepare for an outcall. First of all, you want to leave a good impression as always! So be careful how you choose your dress. For example, if the outcallstarts in a restaurant, you must be dressed decently. A dress or a skirt, which is not too short can be a good choice, so be prepared to invest in your clothing sooner or later to be able to work in as many situations as possible. You must have a class, as you are trying to sell an image! Of course, do not forget your high heels, sexy underwear, jewelries and other important accessories. Very important to have a smile on your face when you recognize the client! Remember again, smile is the key!

Outcall – go to a hotel room or his home

If your outcall is about to meet your client at home or in a hotel room, try to be as sexy as possible, you don’t have to be as conservative as if you go to a restaurant. High heels are crucial here as well, you always have to look good, don’t think if you visit someone at home you do not need to be prepared. I always impress my clients when I have an outcall, even if it’s winter I use high heeled sandals, how I do this? I’ll explain, be patient, it’s easy girls…

I hope you remember the first lesson, where I explained you how to arrange and prepare when we get a customer, now when we have an outcall things can change a little bit. Before the meeting we take a shower, because we do not want to loose time, usually our clients welcome us with hard-dick… I always prepare my hair, and surprise my customers with something sexy, which is usually an underwear which I believe fits to his style. Do not forget, when you go to a meeting you must have a large bag! You can put there everything you need, so prepare to have an “outcall bag” sooner or later or you will get crazy! Just imagine, underwear, sexy toys like vibrator, dildo, anal beads, etc... If you have an outcall you have to take these things with you to have a good impression. Do you remember the very high heeled sandals? Yes, I put those also in the bag, as I want to look tall and sexy, and it’s way sexier to dance in high heels than without.

I always prepare myself for anal sex before the outcall, if you are familiar with anal sex, you know it’s better to be prepared, especially if you want to give the client a bonus. Not to mention there are customers who require a foot fetish, so pedicure should be okay, you don’t want to leave a bad impression because your nails are not perfect. So pack that bag full with your clothes, toys and pair of high heels, and you are ready to take some outcall action!

You also learned something today to stay in the right direction of becoming a professional escort girl. I hope you were relaxed during the lesson and enjoyed my thoughts. I send you a hot kiss sweety, see you soon!

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