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My thanks to a stranger or how I became an escort

Dec 20, 2017

I was in Nicosia on a days training course with my then job this required an overnight stay.   Having found and checked in at the hotel that had been booked for me, I just had time to freshen up with a shower before the evening meal.

Later, not knowing what to do with myself and still aware of a certain tense nervousness, I decided to go for a walk. Perhaps have a drink somewhere to help me relax enough for a good nights sleep.

I accomplished the first part of my plan and found a lively pub for a drink;  a few actually.

Leaving the pub I was uncertain as to which direction I had arrived at from the hotel. Shivering, I wrapped my winter coat tighter against the cold night air and turning to the left, more in hope than expectation, started walking. Aware of stumbling from time to time I felt cross with myself for drinking too much. Eventually, realising I was lost, I paused on a street corner trying to get my bearings in the strange town. I was just thinking the hotel might be a couple of streets further on when a car pulled up. The driver leaned across to the open window and called out, "How much do you charge?"

"Sorry?" I replied, not initially understanding what he meant.

"How much for sex?"

He must have mistaken me for a prostitute. Have I strayed into the red light district, I wondered.

100 euros

The words came unbidden from my mouth and the guy asked if that was for full sex.

"Yes," I replied almost in a daze, amazed by just how exciting I found the transaction.

"Get in."

The car door swinging open I climbed in beside the driver wondering what the going rate for this sort of thing would be. At least it was nice and warm in the car after the increasingly cold weather outside. 

He drove to a deserted industrial estate and at his command we moved to the rear seats of the car. The guy, who would have been about fifty, unzipped and produced his penis. After I'd licked and sucked it for a few minutes he pulled my coat open and undoing the top of my jeans, slipped a hand inside. Cursing about the inconvenience of tights the guy pushed his hands inside them and my panties.

I parted my thighs when his fingers found my slit and breathing heavily the guy pushed them inside; I then resumed sucking his penis while he fingered me, though not for long.

"Get those fucking horrible tights off girl, most of your sort wear stockings; makes the job easier." 

While I removed my jeans, the offending tights and panties, he did the same with his trousers and underpants. Then I lay along the seats watching as he rolled a condom onto his rock hard penis. He slid on top of me and I yelped at the sudden entry of his penis. Next, he roughly pushed my jumper and bra up to get at my breasts and began fucking me.

We had intercourse but it didn't last long, the guy fucking me with short sharp thrusts and of course having no interest in my own pleasure or needs. 

When he'd finished the guy threw the used condom out of the window before using tissues to clean himself with, not bothering to offer them to me. He did drop me back at the hotel though after learning that I wasn't actually a street girl but in town on business.

"Well you ought to be," he said, handing me the money "You're a bloody good fuck and would earn more on your back with legs spread than doing whatever it is you do for a living."

With that he drove away leaving me feeling in need of another drink after the unexpected experience. Though I had gained little sexual pleasure or satisfaction from the encounter I felt exhilarated and it had certainly released me from the stress and tensions of earlier.

Back in my room I masturbated, thinking about his parting words and imagining guys queueing up outside the door waiting their turn to have me!

It was only much later, back home after the course, that I thought how stupid I'd been to go off like that with a complete stranger, anything could have happened. I knew I'd been a very silly girl and mustn't do anything like it again. Those thoughts didn't stop the excitement I continued to feel whenever I relived the experience. 

I changed course in my life and became a successful VIP Escort and I love it.

Thanks to a stranger .

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