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Mature escorts

Jan 21, 2018

In this lesson, we are going to talk about mature escorts. Escorts over 30. If you are not the youngest in this business, don't get frustrated. There is life after 30! Indeed! There are many clients, who has mother complex, or just simply likes women who are dominant, or more dominant than them. They like to be directed, and ruled by them.

Most of the cases, it comes from their childhood. I’m not here to be the psychologist, but that's a fact. The root cause is always the cases of lack of love. So mature escorts have a great opportunity!

Mature escorts are experienced

So what you need to give them is power, and a lot of love. Being one of the mature escorts or MILFs over 30, you have just enough of life experience, to know what you have to do. When meeting  a client younger than you, and you realize, that he needs a mature escort, you have to treat him somewhat like he is your little boy. Someone, who had a bad day at school, and needs pampering, comfort, and love from you. Be always very kind, sweet, but determinate. He has to feel, that he can count on you, and you are there for him no matter what. When going out to a restaurant, make him feel, that you are taking him out. Sometimes they like you to sort out the bill as well, obviously you charge him later for that too. Just for the feeling of it. Mature escorts are caring.

Mature escorts are usually caring and dominant

You can make the order for him too, or ask about the vine, to decide what you having for dinner. It is sound strange, but this is how they desired to feel. This is what they have been missing from their life. A carrying mother. A real woman. So you give them what they want. That’s why you are one of the mature escorts. They want to look up to you! Be proud of you! Talk about your goals, and things you have reached in your life. Always be emphatic about your things. That will make him look up to you!

Mature escorts rule in the bed

During sex, they want to feel dominated by you. An escort over 30 can give them exactly what they want. Make foreplay long, and enjoy it too. Give extra attention to his penis! Stroke him constantly, to make him comfortable. Usually these boys are insecure about themselves. So its necessary to praise them as often as you can. On your comment, you will feel, that they are more relaxed, and comforted by you. This is what they need. Mature escorts now this. You have to be the leader during sexual intercourse. You have to do most of the job. There are many different type of client. This is neither of an exception. When blessing them, look them into their eyes, and sound crediting.

If you do great as a mature escort, you will see the positive outcome, the positive results straight away in their way of releasing their complexes, fears, and uncertainties. When kissing them, use both of your hands to hold their head. Don't forget… They are your little sons. When you do good as an escort over 30, the reward wont be missed.

Enjoy being one of the professional mature escorts! It can be fun too!

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