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Hard ride

Jan 26, 2018

In this story, I’m going to tell you about my hard ride with a stranger at a club’s toilet, I was like a little slut! Happened once, when I went out with my girlfriends to this famous club downtown. We all made ourselves up, hot and sexy. I was wearing a tiny dress, almost showing my ass and high heels. So when we got to the entrance, we stood in the short VIP line. The bouncer was once my date, so as he saw us, he made us come in straight away. I blinked at him, and we were in just as instant.

My sexual hard ride started with some alcohol

The music was trendy. We headed to the bar. I started with a tequila shot, followed by vodka tonic. That's my favorite. We went to the dance floor. We were dancing for about an hour, flirting with the guys around us. One or two came closer and smiling, but I didn't really pay attention to them. Until one guy. When I saw him, my first thought was sex! I don't know why… never really happened this. I was imagine us having a hard ride somewhere close by. He came close. Not looking  away for a second. Only to my eyes. I was astonished. This is it! I thought. He asked me if I wanted to drink anything. So we headed to the bar. He asked for a tequila. He poured the salt on my hand, he licked it off so sexy, and drank the shot instantly. We kissed! I felt so horny for him!

The hard ride thought was still on my mind

He whispered in my ear that he wants to fuck me. I wanted to fuck him too. He said, he will go to the bathroom, and I should follow him in a couple of minutes. This is how we did it. I was super excited! When I entered, some guys said hi, in a cheesy way. I knocked it on the first one. Occupied, heard the answer. Not him… Second one, said “I’m ready” and the door opened. He pulled me in quickly. We kissed like crazy, and he lifted my dress. Thank God I’m wearing this. It’s going to be easy.. He grabbed me, lifted me up, and I was holding myself up with my hands. He was super horny for me, I could see it in his eyes. He sat down on the toilet, and I sit on his dick. We fucked so hard, I had to pay attention to my voice, not being so loud. It was so obvious even like this, I didn’t want it to make it more. Actually I didn't care. This was definitely a hard ride. He came in me, but I enjoyed it.

Hard ride was a great experience

We cleaned ourselves up, and left the toilet as nothing happened… I looked in the mirror, and I thought, this was the most spontaneous hard ride ever! We headed back to the dance floor, and my girls were looking at me like what just happened??? I smiled and winked at them. They knew. We danced till closing time. I was smiling for the rest of the evening. We said bye, and kissed each other.   In the taxi I was still smiling. Oh my God. What a hard ride I had.

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