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Feb 03, 2018

Hello my dear escort girls! Be ready for an interesting lesson today, one of the lessons I like to speak about the most! I am going to speak about clients who want to be dominated, and will give you some of my secret weapons as usually… Nobody tells you that to be a professional escort is easy, but if you start to enjoy this job, you will see you will have just benefits! Yes, benefits from your escort work in a lot of ways… 

Escort lessons has great value for all of you

If you’ve really payed attention to my lessons, you could see that I teach you many important facts about sexuality and escort job. My goal is to teach you how to become a perfect escort girl, who knows to do anything when we speak about sex! I like to say, to become a professional BITCH… Why I say this? Because if you want to be a perfect escort girl you need to be a real bitch in the bed, who wants to truly satisfy her customers, someone who can transform herself into anything that her clients want to be! If he wants to be dominated, then you have to dominate him, if he wants to dominate you, take your role, if he wants an anal rimming, you have to do it…. Of course just in case you want to be professional and earn a lot of money, because then you have to offer various sexual pleasures!  

Customers who like to be dominated

Like I said, today we are going to speak about another type of client… the client who wants to be dominated! I like to dominate, to play with my client who likes to be tortured. In the previous lesson I spoke about the client who dominates us, now the roles are reversed, this time we dominate! When you are dominating, you need to have a nerve, as you really need to humiliate him! Yes!! To mess with him, to torture him, you can try you darkest fantasies, the worst you would do with a man!  

Dominate him – how to start?

Let’s start with the beginning, what do you think about the lingerie that would fit his desires? Yes you are right, a black one. He wants you to be his boss, and his boss needs to be bad. You need to dress in black, you need a scarf, cuffs or string, something to tie him. Next, you have to torture him, be ready and don’t miss your high stripper heels at home. Leather or latex boots are the best, but you decide what is the best, of course you can ask your client as well… If you have all those accessories, it’s time to start, remember you need to be bad! Play your role, you need to torture him, don’t think to have mercy on him, punish him as mighty as you can! This is why these customers are paying for… If you are bad enough, they will love you. You will see it’s very easy to play this “game” if you like to dominate. You have to use the right words as well, be nasty and show him who is the boss!  

Domination is pleasure

Okay, let’s go into the details my escort girls. Like I said, you have to torture your client, but what does it really mean? Well, here starts the real show: you must tie him! If it’s possible, you should slam him down, if not, fit him on a chair, he will love anything you do… You will understand his limits, I tell you this from my experiences… You have to trample him with your heels, put them into his mouth, if it’s possible press on his head, but just carefully of course LOL… Be exciting verbally, ask him if he likes to be your slave while you push your heels into his face, be creative! You can slap him on his face, spit in his mouth, you should bite his penis when you make him a blowjob. Torture him like he wants, discover his limits, make him horny and satisfied! This is his wish! I hope you understand what kind of role you need to play with clients who want to be dominated and love sado masochism, if yes, then I finish my lesson now, and as usual, we will meet next time! Kisses!

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