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Bachelor party - Pt.2.

Feb 16, 2018

As I’ve entered the villa, I’ve heard the others guys laughing, some house music in the background. The guy who came out to welcome us, introduced himself as Adam was walking in front of us till we arrived to my "dressing room" for that night. 

Basically I was prepared, but of course as a professional escort girl I wanted to bring my best on stage so I asked where I could find a mirror and the bathroom. Fortunately this room had it’s own bathroom with a huge mirror, so I apologized myself, closed the door and started to prepare. Adam told me that he will come back in a few minutes, just they wait to start the game with Peter, who is the fiancé, in which they have to put a kerchief in front of his eyes.

Bachelor party with an escort

I went to the bathroom, and refreshed my makeup. I checked my dress, even my panties if everything was fine on me. I looked myself in the mirror and saw a beautiful escort who is going to make 6-7 guys horny tonight. That’s my work, this is my mission for tonight!

After 10 minutes I went back to the bedroom, made my final preparation and waited for Adam to return. In 3 minutes he opened the door and showed me to be quiet with his fingers. He took my hands and slowly we moved into the living room where the party was on. I saw 5-6 guys with drinks sitting around in a sofa and in chairs, and one guy in the middle who had a kerchief in front his eyes. The “crowd” was amazed when they realized I am there, like if they haven’t seen an escort girl before.

They were smiling, some of them showed "hello" with their hands. I showed them to make the music a little bit louder as I had to start the striptease dance. The guys stopped the music for a few seconds and changed to a somewhat romantic and erotic style of music. I saw they were prepared for my arrival.

The striptease

I had a long, sexy leather coat on me, with sexy lace underwear under it. I started to dance slowly in the middle of the living room, my body guard driver was on the back, near the entrance of the room. The guys made the room darker so I felt like in a nightclub immediately.

Peter, the fiancé started to laugh, I’m sure he found out what was going around. The other guys started to whistle and laugh as well. They were all looking at me, I went closer and closer to Peter and put off the clothe from his head to be able to see me. I saw he loved my outfit, so it was time to show him more. From now on I concentrated only on him, I put off my coat, threw it in the back of the room, sit on him and dance like if we would have sex. I smoothened my body, put off slowly the bra and the panties, all the guys were clapping and shouting, they enjoyed the show as much as I did.

After 5-6 minutes I was totally naked, and I was sitting on the lab of Peter, dancing on his dick. I felt through his jeans that he was totally horny. He was not really my type of man, but the circumstances made me wet and horny as well, so I was happy that he wasn’t too drunk and his cock was working. My striptease dance took about fifteen minutes as we discussed, sometimes I was dancing only for Peter, sometimes I went away from him to show myself to the other guys as well.

At the end of the show I was sitting again on Peter’s dick and I started to massage it through his jeans. I also pushed my pussy close to his mouth and let him to lick a little bit. I felt that he could cum in his pants soon, so I stopped the dance, caught his hands and brought him to one of the smaller rooms to fuck while the others guys were laughing and shouting after us loud….

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