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Are you really a "full service" girl?

Jan 05, 2018

I saw on many websites that escort girls are advertising their business in an interesting way. They write at the description part things like: “Full service”, “I do anything”, but they are not thinking on consequences.

When I was a porn star escort, I was offering a lot of services, I don’t want to say full service because there were things I categorically refused. In a period, right at the beginning of my career, my agency wrote on my profile I have full service and unfortunately some clients, with I don’t know how to express myself, with strange whishes thought they can do whatever they want with me.

Believe me, there are a lot of sexual services you will not provide if a client is asking from you, because they are kind of unhealthy things. Now I want to make an inventory of creepy things happen throughout my career.

The first and the strangest wish I received from my client happened like this: he asked me to make an outcall, because he has a meeting right after ours and he doesn’t have time to arrive in time to the other place if he is coming to my place. No problem, I was the girl with “full service”, so outcalls were normal in my career. So… I arrived to his place, he waited me, he was smiling and invited me to stay and have a talk. He seemed normal, but as I repeat, he just seemed. When he mentioned he has a wish, I looked strange on him, and I knew: this guy is not normal. I’ve heard a barking and “Bruno”, a huge dog appeared. I like animals very much, but what he asked me was abnormal: he offered me 4000 euro and asked me to have sex with his dog. WTF? Are you kidding me? I refused, I took my bag, give the money back to him and I ran from there. I told the agency to blacklist this client, and when I told them what happened with me, they were shocked. This was unbelievable, but true.

Also, if you mention you are full service girl, many clients are thinking you are providing unprotected sex and all the time, they are asking for this. I always refuse, even if they bring with them some medical papers, because I know, with Photoshop, everyone can forge everything.

If you are working in this business, you will meet clients who are asking for hard sports, water sports, brown shower, golden shower and different types of fetishes. Are you sure do you want to provide these services? Because I am not sure you are a full service girl, who does anything. Some of them are really disgusting, and believe me, these clients are the one who wants to hurt you in an inappropriate way, and you cannot accept this. There are girls who are providing these services, but I repeat, if you are a full service girl, you can expect from humiliation till bondage everything.

Some of the girls who are providing anal services think they are full service girls, they do anything, but the truth is they are not. They are just escort girls who are providing some extra services which can give them an advantage, noting more.

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